Wellness packages from Camperplaats Vechtdal


My name is Margreet Kok and I take care of the treatments at Camperplaats Vechtdal. I am a qualified beautician, pedicure & masseur. In the salon I work with different products (Piura, Monchique , Phytomer & HFL) so there is always a suitable product to find for your skin condition. The treatments are all carried out according to the hygiene code of the beautician & pedicure. We have put together a number of treatments so that you can choose what suits you. If you want to book please fill in the contact form.

We hope to see you soon and with beautiful beauty greetings,

Margreet Kok


Summer treatment

"Summer" treatment, a blessing for the body.
A delightful, activating body treatment. Relieves mental and emotional tension and gives the body new energy.
It includes stretching, pressure points and a massage with a delicious massage oil. The legs, abdomen, arms and back are treated.
approximately 75 minutes € 65,50

"summer treatment"

An activating and cooling facial treatment with coldstones and a brush massage.
Furthermore a lot of attention for the skin: cleansing, nourishment and relaxation. And finally a delicious Ice Tea or glass of water.
about 70 minutes
Price: p.p. € 57,50 

Discover the power of honey on our quiet camping pitches!

A powerful treatment with a honey or lavender connective tissue massage for the back and legs:
- natural skin peeling
- improves blood circulation and oxygen uptake
- detoxifying and purifying

Contents treatment; cleansing, powerful massage with honey or lavender, nourishing skin lotion.
Duration approximately 55 minutes
Price: p.p. € 59,50

Wellness packages for two persons

Arrangement "Before bedtime"

A relaxing treatment for the feet, lower legs and back.
* Foot bath, foot scrub and foot and lower leg massage with products containing the exclusive Medronho extract. This is a fruit of the strawberry tree that grows only in the Algarve. It contains antioxidants and has an antibiotic effect against bacteria.
* Relaxing back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage with a.o. avocado, - and almondell oil. This provides a moisturizing and calming effect.

about 50 min per person
For two persons € 119,50
1 person € 61,50

Package "timeless enjoy"

Is comming


Experience it at Camperplaats Vechtdal

Package "Enjoying the Battle Valley"

Piura Hammam of the Andes
This body treatment consists of a cleansing, exfoliation, soap ritual & massage of legs, back, arms, abdomen and face.
Duration approximately 70 minutes and a glass of water / fruit juice and fresh fruit.

€ 139,00 for two persons

Package "Enjoying the sauna including foot massage"

First enjoy the beneficial effects of the sauna, then a relaxing foot and lower leg massage.

€ 57,00 for two persons

In addition to the above arrangements you can book a beneficial body wrap:

I'm Elly van der Hoeff.
At Camperplaats Vechtdal I take care of the body wraps with post-treatment and foot massage.
This is a very nice way to get rid of waste products and take in minerals, and to relax/detox.
I myself have a Practice for Massage and Self Development in Zuidwolde, where I give a.o. Relaxation massage courses and all kinds of workshops in the field of awareness.
I supervise Silence Walks with the experience of Nature, with the intention of calming our heads, silencing them and thus really paying attention to ourselves and nature, to experience the elements.
I also provide other massages with great dedication and passion. 

There are three types of gaskets
Karwendel - good for muscles and joints, circulation, legs and skin complaints.
Algae - for moisture management, fat metabolism and slimming.
Oligo - against fatigue and stress. Brings balance to the cell metabolism.

All gaskets absorb waste products from the body and add minerals and sports elements, improve blood circulation and are very relaxing!

They make the skin supple and soft. It makes your skin happy. In short, a wonderful moment of pampering for body and mind.

€ 82,50 p.p.

Would you like to book? Fill in the contact form.

We will do our utmost to schedule all treatments at your desired moment. Please indicate your preferred date and we will contact you a.s.a.p. to schedule the appointment. 0529 - 48 2246 / 06 126 26 117
Sunday is our rest day, then you can not book an arrival day, but you can leave on Sunday.



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